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  1. Hawai’i is my home, I was raised on Oahu. As an adult, I have lived on Maui, Kauai, and in Kona. I embrace the uniqueness of each island, but am most comfortable with the choices that Oahu has to offer.

    I encourage anyone visiting Hawai’i to choose the island that best fits their desires, rather than based on someone else’s preferences.

    You tried natto? You’re more of a local than I, I couldn’t do it!


  2. Leslie, as one of the multitudes who warned you about Waikiki, I’m glad I was wrong and you were able to enjoy it so much. I only wish I could also have warned you about natto.

    I would still encourage you to visit the other islands; each one has its own personality, and the things you liked about Oahu may be magnified, and some of the hassles reduced.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

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