Hi and welcome to my little silk strand of the Web!

I have two favorite places:  home and away.  In other words, I’m a travelling homebody.  I got bitten by the travel bug early and honest on family vacations, like our weekend foliage trips to Vermont or our three-week road trip down the California coast.  I love to explore art museums and gardens and wineries, catch a concert or a ballgame, relax on a boat or at a spa, feel snug and safe in a fine hotel, and sit on a barstool or a waterfront porch and sample new dishes and cuisines.  And then I love to come home.  I love to cook and bake and to entertain.  And I love to sit alone in my living room and read and think.

If all this thinking and exploring has taught me anything, it’s that living well is an art and needs an artist’s dedication.  There are so many things that want to intrude on our fun–from simply paying the bills to dealing with other people’s reasonable and unreasonable demands on our time and energies.  I’m sure you’ve faced many of life’s curveballs.  Mine have ranged from miserable micro-managed and mind-deadening jobs to taking care of both my disabled and dying parents, and then clearing our family home of all our memories.

The Sancerres at Sunset lifestyle is about making life fabulous alongside its challenges.  You’ve done what you have to do.  And then you sit and savor the glorious sunset over a well-paired plate of cheese and bottle of wine.  Enjoy!

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