History lovers long to escape into the past.  We want to feel connected to the people who have come before us, who were so much like us, who led us to where we are today.  To touch the walls they built, to see the items they loved, to taste the foods they enjoyed.  To walk where they walked, and to stand in the spots where they changed our future.  To become a part of traditions that existed long before we were born and will remain long after we’re gone.

I believe that food and travel have the power to connect us to our shared past and to one another.  Food nourishes our souls, as well as our bodies, when it is part of a tradition that links us to our forebears.  The places we visit resonate with us, inspire us, and stay with us after we’ve come home, once we’ve learned the hopes and heartaches of the people who shaped them.

Imagine —

The rush of excitement you feel when you’re going someplace new.  

Connecting with people from a different culture. 

Absorbing parts of their history. 

Marvelling at natural wonders. 

Savoring new foods and flavors. 

Feeling at peace as you sip a local wine. 

And then coming home renewed, awakened, looking at your own world with fresh eyes, inspired to excel, with great stories to share, and maybe a new favorite meal to make.  

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My Story

Leslie Carbone

For two decades, I worked at political jobs.  And some of them were interesting — executive director of a non-profit, speechwriter to a Cabinet secretary, chief-of-staff to a legislator.  But they didn’t leave much time for leisure pursuits.  Then my parents died, fourteen weeks apart, in their late 60s.  I fought back the sorrow with travel, road-tripping across America, playing in Monte Carlo, and feeling alive again in Athens as I climbed the hill under the warm sun up to the ancient Acropolis. 

I’ve travelled the globe from Israel to El Salvador.  I’ve taken cooking classes from New England to the Caribbean, and watched a chef prepare traditional shakshuka in the kitchen of his restaurant in Tel Aviv.  I’ve learned that there’s nothing more intoxicating than losing myself in another place’s past and finding a connection with my own present.  It makes me feel carried away, opened up, stimulated, and transformed.  

Leslie Carbone

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