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  1. The only thing I could think of was that things must have been in a bit of an uproar at the Hilton. They should have posted a sign about the pick-up point.

    It’s hard to get a true feel for the island unless you go to the places where the culture is actually living. Waikiki is what the tourist industry thinks people expect. We know better. I’m with Skeet — back to the country is the only way to go!

    Thank you, Leslie, for letting us know. We should send this link to their office! That may be the nudge they need! 🙂

  2. Ah, how awful to be treated so poorly. I’ve never been treated badly, but I’ve lived on the Waianae Coast since the day I arrived from the mainland. Nice mix of cultures, more Hawaiians than any other area in the state and an attitude of aloha.

    I hope you get another opportunity to see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial someday. It’s a very moving experience.

  3. Sorry some things didn’t work out. I always recommend the Outrigger Waikiki Shore condos which are the same (or sometimes cheaper than) the Hilton. It’s nice to have washer/dryer in your room and a kitchen if you want to have breakfast staples and such on hand. Pics are great though!

  4. My wife was living in Hawaii when we were courting.

    I had spent a lot of time there before that time and had experienced the unfriendly attitude of the tourist trade staff. “come over to Hawaii, bring lots of money, spend it, and go home”…never to be seen again, why be friendly?

    My wife had a lot of Hawaiian friends, and we went out to meals and entertainment with them. There was a significantly different attitude when traveling with locals who are friends…we weren’t treated as “haoles”…efficient and courteous service staff and, if I remember correctly significantly reduced prices for the meals. Our Hawaiian friends told us that they would pick up the check and we would settle up later.

    This was many years ago…like 40 or so…but I suspect things haven’t changed much.


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