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  1. I enjoyed reading this! We live about 45 minutes north of Fredericksburg and I always want to find time to get down there and visit, but I haven’t had the chance. Here is my motivation to finally do that….when we are done being quarantined!

  2. I love history! I know very little about these towns, and your post has encouraged me to look more into the birth of our nation. Thanks!

  3. I actually live really close to Fredericksburg and had no idea it had so much history. I will definitely visit soon once the pandemic is over. Thanks for this insight!

  4. How interesting! We are planning on bringing the kids out east for a educational/historical vacation and this would be a great stop for us to add. Thanks so much!

    1. That’s great; there’s so much history here, and travel is such a good way for kids to learn!

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