1. It was great to finally run into you. Absolutely no problems with security for me this time (unlike a trip to Vegas last year where my laptop case hit a false positive for explosives).

    Your old boss was great.

  2. Leslie it was great meeting you and having you on my radio show! I can’t wait for your book to come out! Save a signed copy for me! The invitation is always open for you to join me again on any of my radio shows!

    Chad Everson

  3. Naked X-ray and random groping are getting a bad rap.

    Where else can you guarantee air travel safety and Government employee retention all in one procedure?

    Glad you got out of Dallas OK. I caught your tweet that you were wheels up. Was worried before then.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  4. No random naked X-Rays or random groping for me this time, either – didn’t have to go through O’Hare. (Whew!)

    It was good to see you again, Leslie. Glad you made it over the storms ok. Good luck with your book!

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