1. Leslie, Noted the lead to this post on your Twitter. I always enjoy reading about Colonial Williamsburg and the Yorktown area. We used to live in Yorktown area when I was a graduate professor for a nearby university. We loved the area and my wife would move back in a heart beat. We would drive to Colonia Williamsburg in the evenings and just enjoy walking and watching the visiting tourist. I heard that Colonial Williamsburg has increased their prices and local even now have to pay just to walk around. Hope prices haven’t gotten out of hands, a lot of locals likes to celebrate special occasions in Colonial Williamsburg. Thanks for the history lesson.

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  3. Damn you, Leslie: I’m trying to leave 1776 and all that behind to move on to Civil War — then you write this and plunge me back into the Revolution! BTW, if you haven’t, read Washington’s Crossing: I made sure my son read it before he hit the streets of Baghdad — George was the master of insurgent tactics (and he rode my great, great, great…’s horse, Old Blueskin!

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