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  1. "Advanced Imaging Technology" is a euphemism created to make people think they are getting "scanned." No one is getting "scanned" — they are getting strip searched.

    The fundamental privacy issue is whether our government has the right to make strip searches routine and mandatory.

    There is no question that these machines violate the 4th Amendment.

    There are also health issues. Researchers are already coming out saying that the machines aren't safe and could cause cancer.

    Please check out the brochures at:

    and join us on Facebook
    All Facebook Against Airport Full Body Scanners

    and join in on
    Organized resistance to WBI/invasive patdowns

  2. Agreed…I'm really watching civil liberties be dissolved. The problem is, it seems that both parties have ideas that would intrude upon personal liberty and freedom in the name of security. Not very comforting.

  3. The sooner the public awakens to the fact that we are NOT at war, that only Congress can declare war (not bush using a bull horn on a pile of rubble).

    Once that is clear in the people's minds, perhaps the citizens can begin to push back against these continued "security measures."

    I don't care about the scanners. I would run around naked if it was legal and it wasn't freezing. As for you Leslie, I still look forward to seeing your hotti-ness picture back on your blog (who wants to see a picture of a book?)

    I don't like the environment that we have created, where Americans have surrendered nearly every civil liberty so that some mythical "Soccermom" can "feel safe."

    I do support most efforts to help make flying free of exploding Muslims. The best remedy would be to ban Muslims from planes, and visit severe reparations on the families and villages where these punks come from. Only When the Muslims see that their own families will pay the price for their attempts to murder others, will they back off. If this approach fails, then we will know that the remaining option is to just start killing Muslims until the earth is free of their collective mental illness.

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