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Crucible–Part One

The recruits in this video, and the two to follow, have nearly reached the end of USMC boot camp’s Phase Three, which emphasizes teamwork. They are undergoing “the Crucible,” a sort of “final exam” in the form of a 54-hour combat simulation exercise.

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The sound effects come from the first 10 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” blasting at a deafening level over a loudspeaker on a continuous loop. The Crucible begins with Reveille at 0200, followed by a six-mile hike. The recruits perform 26 exercises to test teamwork and problem-solving through simulations of situations including hand-to-hand combat and casualty evacuation. This video shows part of a one-hour re-supply exercise. Recruits average four hours of sleep per night and consume only three meals-ready-to-eat during the entire two and one-quarter days.

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Crucible--Part One

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