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  1. Leslie:
    Thank you for your post. As a Marine mom, I could not be more proud of my daughter and the choices she’s made. She’s far ahead of her peers back home in character and stability. She also chose the Corps because “they’re the best”.

    She’s currently preparing for her second deployment to Iraq in September.

    Alvalyn Lundgren

  2. Ohh Rah Faulkner, From Guinan Platoon 3053 3Bn Kilo Company Paris Island SC. SDI SSGT Redmond. “Spirit & Discipline”

  3. Leslie,

    Great post. Thank you for you comments about the Marine Corps and the high quality patriots that are joining it today.

    Chris Faulkner
    PLT 3053
    3rd Battalion, “Spirit and Discipline”
    Parris Island 1992

  4. Leslie:
    Thanks for this post, it’s nice to see some good writing on the Marine Corps nowadays (I just got out 2 years ago, only served 4 a sports injury kept me from reenlisting).
    And once again, the twitter tracking feature comes through, I would never have seen this great article about that wonderful place called Parris Island 🙂
    And for some reason, it won’t let me put in any information other than my blogger info. My normal site is

    Added you to my twitter and am following your RSS now as well, keep up the good writing!


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