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  1. Wow! What a great experience, it all sounds so magical. The food looks delicious, and meeting so many incredible people in the restaurant business must have been amazing. I hope to do something like this soon!

  2. Boston is one of my favorite cities, I went several times years ago. It has now been years since I have been and I want to go back!!! I love the cobblestone streets, the charm all over, the convenience of the train…. Thanks for letting me relive it a little.

    1. Food and travel are definitely two of my favorite things also. I have been to Cincinnati and really enjoyed it. I hope you can visit Boston soon.

  3. As I have never been to Boston, I would have taken the VIP passes to the food festival and the three nights at the hotel. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This really did look like a lot of fun and super classy! Definitely wouldn’t fit in but that’s the point right stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing all that there is in this beautiful world? I think it’d be a great event to go to and try… thanks Leslie for sharing!

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