1. America is better off today in many ways despite Reagan, too. The Cold War ended, but not before Reagan brought us to the brink of nuclear war unnecessarily with ill-thought jokes and poorly-timed NATO maneuvers. It was Gorbachev who decided that however crazy Reagan might seem, he wasn't crazy enough to push the nuclear button — and it was Gorbachev who ordered the unilateral stand-down that ended the lengthy hostilities.

    Reagan's appearing unflappable was a pleasant contrast to the times. I can't get over the feeling that while Reagan seemed so in control of his life, he didn't have a firm rein on the tiller of the ship of state.

  2. I wasn't working at the time this happened, so I watched a TON of coverage and just bawled throughout the funeral/memorial ceremonies. Despite that he'd been out of the spotlight for a long time already by then, it still felt like a tremendous loss for our country.

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