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  1. You are very graciously welcome. Sadly, people are not being taught the right things, and they are not being taught about Lafayette and the purpose of the monument. I hope that you still doing better than great.

  2. With everything going on, too many need to learn the real history and not what they are being told.

  3. Wow, your Leslieness. I learned something new about Lafayette and Lafayette Square. I also see that you are at the Hay Adams. Well, you were at the overlook. I can tell by the photo. I hope that you are better than well. I can see that you are surviving. Have lots of fun and enjoy!!!

    P.S. Talking about your rally in 1983, you really look like you are in your 20’s. You really do.

    1. Thanks, John, the picture at the Hay Adams is from a Christmas party in 2018. I’m glad you found the post valuable. With all the recent unpleasantness, I wanted to give readers a sense of the history and importance of Lafayette Square.

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