Blogging is a Contact Sport

The Sam Adams Alliance released this video today.

WARNING: Contains offensive language.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging is a Contact Sport

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  3. Leslie, thank you. This is great. Beyond its entertainment value is profound truth.

    Most of politics is the story of men and women seeking power and money. Power and money and pride. You can read their tales in the Bible and Shakespeare.

    Thus, much of politics and the political chatter of the blogs is theater. Political theater.

    Politics is an act for many. It is a business. It is a bloodsport.

    Yet, for some politicians and political writers on the blogs there are issues that can be described, metaphorically, as in this film clip like a major game, but truly transcend any game as all sports do – to the essence of the competition.

    And in the competition of ideas in politics, the essence for us, as Americans and Virginians, comes to the truth.

    Know ye the truth and the truth will set you free.

    The truth of Jesus to be free of the world while in it. The truth of natural law to be free men and women while part of the social contract with the state.

    We are as the penny post bills of Revolutionary days sharing the truth as we know it with our neighbors. We are speaking about the truth because we love liberty. We cherish our freedoms and we will pay any price to preserve them.

    So beyond our silly posts… After our theatrical political posts… around our personal posts…are words that matter.

    Which is why the subtitled script was as profound as it was amusing.

    Here we can speak the truth as we know it. And share it so we all can be free.

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