April in Massachusetts

The wild daffodils are blooming in the back woods! April in Massachusetts is a time when life re-emerges, picks up pace, moves forward.  The snow has melted.  Flowers bud.  The trees whose bare branches were coated with snow only weeks earlier are turning lush green again.  For baseball fans, our long winter of despair comes… Read More April in Massachusetts


Home at the Inn

The waves lapped softly against the moorings.  The metal gangways creaked in the light breeze. This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, click here. Even in daylight, the empty marina gave off a spooky feel that reminded me of Salem, Massachusetts, the city of my birth, as I walked to the Saybrook Point Inn’s main… Read More Home at the Inn


What is luxury?

“What is luxury?” is an exhibit that opens today at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and a question I’ve pondered more and more during the years when I’ve had to rebuild a life. I think there are a few sine qua nons of luxury: quality materials, precise craftsmanship, aesthetic and sensual appeal, impeccable service, and… Read More What is luxury?


Walking Salem

Recently, I had the chance to walk for a spell in the city of my birth–Salem, Massachusetts. This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, click here. It’s an uncommon city whose spirit twists around the singular error of its life. In what has to be one of the world’s weirdest successful marketing strategies, Salem embraces… Read More Walking Salem


The Pursuit of Happiness

The straight-backed wooden bench felt smooth as I slid into my favorite time and place—the 18th century brought to Brigadoon-esque life in Colonial Williamsburg. It was early evening in late May, so daylight was still shining through the circular windows of the Capitol building’s House of Burgesses room, a reconstruction of the chamber where Patrick… Read More The Pursuit of Happiness