Easter Pie

Wheat Pie for Easter is a Neopolitan tradition.  There are different legends about why.  Some say the wheat represents the Resurrection.  Others believe it stems from the much-anticipated arrival of a grain ship during a famine.  I suppose both could be true.   It’s a rich, fruity, creamy pie.  It’s a lot of work–and a lot… Read More Easter Pie


Into the Sunshine

“Go into the sunshine and be happy with what you see.” — Winston Churchill I want to thank Leeanne, my fellow beach-loving Bay Stater, from In the Olive Groves for nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. The Award recognizes bloggers who bring positivity and creative content to the community of blogging.  I want Sancerres… Read More Into the Sunshine


Cross-Country Road Trip!

As you’re reading this, I’m not sure where I am, but it’s probably somewhere west-by-northwest of Virginia. I’m taking a road trip across America! My last cross-country road trip was more than 20 years ago, with my mother. I’ve always wanted to do it again. And now, for pretty much the first time since then,… Read More Cross-Country Road Trip!