Home at the Inn

The waves lapped softly against the moorings.  The metal gangways creaked in the light breeze.  Even in daylight, the empty marina gave off a spooky feel that reminded me of Salem, Massachusetts, the city of my birth, as I walked to the Saybrook Point Inn & Spa’s main building from Three Stories, its guest house… Read More Home at the Inn


From Foot Golf to Foot Soak

“Kick from inside your foot!” yelled my teammate Nancy, whom I had just met moments ago.  Like me, she was middle-aged and medium-sized; unlike me, she was blonde. I was, for the first and perhaps last time in my life, playing foot golf, an up-and-coming precision sport where players propel a ball into a cup nested… Read More From Foot Golf to Foot Soak

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The Last Breakfast

As the sun rose on our last morning on O’ahu, my travel companion and I headed down to the beach.  Waikiki had a very different feel from the beach we’d enjoyed the evening before. We had heard, and still hear, many times, from many people, that O’ahu is the worst island to visit–Honolulu is a… Read More The Last Breakfast