Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon in Charleston

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is a quirky museum in Charleston, South Carolina, and a backdrop to some of the defining events in American history.  It ranks near Boston’s Faneuil Hall and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall among the most significant still-standing buildings from the Revolutionary era. Finished in 1771, the two-storey, Palladian-style, stone Exchange and… Read More Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon in Charleston


Fort Sumter

Charleston’s Battery and Rainbow Row faded from view as my travel companion and I sailed aboard the ferry toward Fort Sumter, perched on a small island in Charleston Harbor, site of the first battle in America’s bloodiest war.  The five-sided Fort was planned during the 1820s, in the wake of the War of 1812, designed… Read More Fort Sumter


How to Make a Hot Toddy

One of the most positive things I’ve read lately is this article about someone who rode out a respiratory ailment with hot toddies. As with most things handed down through the centuries, there’s no agreement on where hot toddies originated.  Some say India; some say Scotland; some say Ireland.  They made their way to America,… Read More How to Make a Hot Toddy

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How to Salvage Cast Iron

Ah, condo living!  Recently I was taking some items down the hall to the recycling room, and I spied two cast-iron skillets, in sizes I didn’t have, that someone had left behind.  Yay! This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, click here. But first, some serious cleaning was in order, as Frank Zappa’s Valley Girl… Read More How to Salvage Cast Iron