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Wyoming Ranked Least Sinful State in America

Ever wonder which states are the most/least sinful?

Me neither.

But the folks over at the personal-finance Web site WalletHub did.  They ranked the 50 states on 47 factors ranging from crime to obesity.

And the most virtuous among us is Wyoming.  The Cowboy State scored especially well in the greed category, which measured things like casinos per capita and charitable donations as share of income.

It’s also a gorgeous state where I enjoyed some time during my most recent cross-country road trip.  It boasts spectacular scenery, pioneer history, and two National Parks — Grand Teton and (some of) Yellowstone.

Wyoming’s equally beautiful western neighbors also scored well on some measures.

Source: WalletHub


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Utah offers five National Parks, Mormon history, and not surprisingly the country’s lowest rate of excessive drinking.  Wisconsin has the highest.

Colorado has four National Parks, fun ski towns like Aspen and Vail, and the lowest percentage of adults who don’t exercise.  Mississippi has the highest.

Alaska boasts scenic cruising, a whopping eight National Parks, and the fewest beauty salons per capita.  New York has the most.

On the other side of the country, relatively tiny New England also made a big showing.

My home state of Massachusetts features Revolutionary history, fabulous fall foliage, and the fewest thefts per capita.  Louisiana suffers the most.

Rhode Island boasts authentic Italian cuisine in Providence, Gilded Age history in Newport, and the least amount of time spent on “adult” sites overall.  Mississippi logs the most.

Maine features miles of rocky beaches, fabulous fresh seafood, and the fewest violent crimes per capita.  Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Tennessee tied for the most.

Now, as someone whose natural habitats include spas and casinos, I’m not sold on the idea that every factor measured by the study reflects a vice.  So maybe this list can be a useful guide for where to find your favorite indulgences.

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