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10 Best U.S. Cities for Winter Travel

Weston, Massachusetts

Winter travel offers a much-needed escape–whether from holiday stress, short drab days, or two long years to flatten the curve.  If you’re ready for a get-away, the personal-finance site WalletHub last month released its report of Best Winter Holiday Destinations, divided into warm- and cold-weather cities.  The top destinations are:

Warm Cities

1) Austin, Texas

I spent time in this friendly city when I was seeing the editor of a Texas news site.  Interesting things to do include:

2) Las Vegas, Nevada

The bright lights of the Vegas strip lure millions of visitors every year, but America’s playground offers much more than casino games and all-you-can-eat buffets.  Fun things to do include:

3) San Diego, California

With its near-perfect weather, San Diego is a picturesque place to soak up the sun.  Popular things to do include:

4) Dallas, Texas

Historic Texas meets modern luxury in this cosmopolitan city with lots of restaurants and shopping.  Interesting things to do include:

5) Houston, Texas

The largest city in Texas offers everything from world-class dining to space history.  Popular things to do include:


Cold Cities

1) Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s multi-faceted capital has the most cold-weather activities, according to WalletHub; it’s also full of Southern charm.  Interesting things to do include:

2) Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital offers a glimpse of why America has always been great.  Popular things to do include:

3) New York, New York

The Big Apple has the most attractions, according to WalletHub.  Fun things to do include:

4) St. Louis, Missouri

The Gateway to the West sits on the bank of the Mississippi River.  Popular things to do include:

5) Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico’s largest city is a historic mix of Spanish and native cultures.  Interesting things to do include:

Whether you like sun or snow or both, I hope you have a fabulous winter vacation.  Bon voyage!

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