Toasting Repeal Day with Barenjager Honey & Bourbon

Prohibition is better than no liquor at all. — Will Rogers

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.

Happily I’ve recently discovered something new to help me celebrate. I don’t often drink bourbon; I like spirits that win me, not ones that wind me. But I’m also not one to turn down the opportunity to enjoy something new, so when the chance arrived to try Barenjager Honey & Bourbon, who was I to say “no”? In fact, I tried it with multiple partners, on the rocks with club soda, with hot cider, and neat.

The smooth blend of tastes was as welcome as finding a man who’s fun and mature, confident without being a jerk, and honest enough that it’s safe to enjoy making him happy. First the honey coated my palate with a taste so pure and powerful I imagined it thicker than it really was. Then just as I was ready, the warm spiciness of the bourbon took control. And as I swallowed, the subtle heat travelled deep through my throat and into my blood, lulling me into a calm and satisfied surrender, just as the honey gently reminded me of its sweet presence lingering on my tongue.

Happy Repeal Day!

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