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Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts

Sturbridge, Massachusetts

The sawyer fed a long board through the water-powered saw.  All around the open-air mill blazed the glory of New England in the Fall.

The trees were warm water-colors of yellow, orange, green, and a little red.  Their reflection dappled even under the old grey wooden covered bridge.

Old Sturbridge Village is a living history museum set in 1830s New England.

It brings to life the day-to-day hard work of the time roughly half a century after the American Revolution.

The main way of life of course was farming, supported by developing industry.

In addition to the sawmill, there’s a gristmill, a carding mill, a country store, a bank, a print shop, a blacksmith shop, a shoe shop, a cooper shop, and a law office.

Women’s work, like dying wool, was done in or near their small homes.

Set on 200 acres, OSV is open to visitors year-round.  But like New England itself it’s most spectacular in Fall.

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