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Early Autumn in Vermont

On Wednesday, this city mouse took a long drive outside my natural habitat up into Vermont.


First stop was a step back in time at the enormous Vermont Country Store, where I sampled sweet fudge and bitter cider.


From there, my companion and I travelled north-by-northwest past churches and farms and white houses and bed-and-breakfasts. Vermont is not Vegas; it isn’t even Colonial Williamsburg. Its charm is child-like, endearing in its guilelessness. There are no billboards. I don’t think we saw a building higher than four stories. Everything is close to the ground in Vermont.

Everything, that is, except the mountains and the trees. The full glory of Fall was still a few weeks away, but the promise was there in strokes of gold and dottings of red.


We did see rich color on Lake Champlain, sparkling blue in the sunshine of the warm late-summer day.

If you’re looking for excitement, don’t go to Vermont.

If your life is exciting already and you’re looking for a place to slow down for a bit amid spectacular natural beauty, go in a couple of weeks.

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