Thank You, Sen. Webb!

Never thought you’d see those words on this blog, huh? Well, neither did I.

But yesterday, Senator Jim Webb, who rarely does anything of which I approve, stood up to President Barack Obama and the national-security nincompoops in his Administration who have decided to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his band of thugs as criminals in New York. “Those who have committed acts of international terrorism are enemy combatants,” said Sen. Webb, a former Marine, former Secretary of the Navy, and (like me) former Republican. “They do not belong in our country[;] they do not belong in our courts, and they do not belong in our prisons.”

After the disgusting display of last fall, it’s refreshing to see a prominent Virginia politician standing up to a president of his own party on a matter of grave importance to America’s well-being. From time to time, I ask you to call Sen. Webb and ask him to vote a certain way on some legislation. Now I’m asking you to do something a little different. If you are a Virginian outraged by the decision to treat terrorists like regular criminals, please call Sen. Webb’s office at (202) 224-4024 and thank him for standing up to President Obama.

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3 thoughts on “Thank You, Sen. Webb!

  1. My main concern, Steve, is bringing terrorists on to American soil; the risks are just too great. Military tribunal at Gitmo looks like a more prudent course to me. I'd certainly welcome other arguments.

  2. Who declared war after 9/11?

    It was not Congress, but Bush. Bush doesn’t have the authority to declare war, but he knew that most Americans would not question his authority, so soon after a major act of murder and vandalism of property, that was attributed to Muslim terrorists.

    Trying international terrorists in our courts has a long and well established precedent, so it is curious why someone who otherwise speaks against increasing the powers of leviathan government, would be so eager to see criminals declared as enemy combatants and given a quick conviction by a military tribunal.

    Keep in mind the precedents that are being set. Under Bush, the people allowed the President to declare war. Congress did nothing to assert its authority and responsibility to determine when we go to war. President Bush’s administration declared people as “enemy combatants” based on nothing more than an accusation by a paid informant, or by someone trying to settle an old score with a rival.

    The Bushies set-up American citizens with fake charges, then jailed them, based on the testimony of the federal plant who baited the person into discussing a particular subject (See, as an example, U.S. v Matt Hale).

    In the Hale case, the federal agent lead the conversation and said words to the effect that he (the agent) would like to kill a federal judge. The government’s own tape reveals Mr. Hale saying that he would have no part of it, and any actions that the agent did would be on his own. Because Mr. Hale did not explicitly prohibit the agent from acting, Mr. Hale was jailed by the Bushies, and he remains in jail.

    Now, based on the precedents set by Bush, some future administration may decide that they see the writings of Leslie Carbone as a threat. They can, send a federal agent to entrap you into saying something that will be twisted into an incriminating statement, or skip the formalities, and just declare you an, “enemy combatant” then jail you without trial. If you have local supporters, they could follow the Bush methods and ship you off to a client state to be tortured, then murdered. The news release will claim that you hung yourself in your cell. The papers will run photos of a neighbor who will be quoted, “I just never would have thought Leslie was a terrorist, it all seems so unreal. She did often talk about controversial subjects, however.”

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