Conservatism Wins!

Today’s has been my favorite election since 1984, because conservatism had won even before the day had dawned.

When the GOP’s anointed liberal dropped out of the special election in New York’s 23rd “safe Republican” congressional district on Saturday, after badly trailing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, it was a clear victory for conservatism over the Party of Bush.

Here in Virginia, conservatism is winning its most important victory as Ken Cuccinelli defeats Steve Shannon in the race for Attorney General. The re-election of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is also good news.

Conservatism also played a role in the weirdest gubernatorial campaign in my memory. Creigh Deeds had won the Democratic nomination by positioning himself as the moderate-conservative alternative to two liberals. Then, bizarrely, in the general election campaign, he painted Bob McDonnell as a conservative, building much of his campaign on an effort to manufacture the former Attorney General’s 20-year-old graduate thesis into some kind of Handmaid’s Tale, while showing himself to be no opponent of government intrusiveness, refusing to reject the Obama-“care” public “option” and touting an endorsement from The Washington Post, a withering rag whose editors are so blinded by big-government ideology that they haven’t grasped the fact that “new taxes” are not words that normal people like to read, especially in a grim economy. Is it any wonder that Governor-elect McDonnell is trouncing him?

The Republican top-ticket sweep in Virginia is, of course, very bad news for the Democrats. Indeed, as the Deeds campaign began to tank, Democrats became so desperate that they sent both President Barack Obama and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine to Virginia to campaign for him.

But combined with the much-merited slap across the face that New York conservatives delivered to the Republican Party, it’s clear that the election of 2009 is much more than another swing of the pendulum.

This is not a Republican renaissance. This is a conservative renaissance. Americans are fed up with intrusive government and its arrogant, dangerous view of itself as their benefactor. And they are fed up with Republicans and Democrats alike who subscribe to the misguided notion that government is somehow the sponsor of prosperity. This disgust has been building for some time. It showed up in the reaction to the disastrously decided case of Kelo v. New London. It was clear in the “thumpin‘” of 2006. And it exploded in the popular outrage at President George Bush XLIII’s bank bail-out, his auto bail-out, President Obama’s “stimulus” plan, and his health-“care” power grab–fueling unprecedented citizen backlash at tea parties, town-hall meetings, and the enormous 9/12 rally.

Big government, its pandering power-mongers, and their Mrs.-Danvers enablers in both parties are the big losers in the election of 2009.

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1 thought on “Conservatism Wins!

  1. Though it is a great achievement. It's no secret that conservatives generally oppose hate crimes laws, holding the belief that all hate-motivated crimes should be punished equally, regardless of the victim's sexual identity, religious preference or nationality. Nevertheless, conservatives must abide by the law as it's written.

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