GOP’s Woes Nothing New

Sorting through some old boxes this morning, I ran across the March 14, 1993, “Orange County Voices” page of the Los Angeles Times (sorry, no link because I couldn’t find it in the paper’s archives).

Under the banner headline, “GOP Must Define Its Basic Essence, Offer Clear Vision of Future”, the paper offerred “a representative sample” of readers’ letters “on the future of the GOP and what its themes, appeals and programs should be”.

And what were folks thinking 16 years ago?

Party Needs Goals Such as Reagan Had, George Bush Didn’t

Party Must Address Pocketbook Issues Vital to Middle Class

GOP’s ‘Conservatism, Pro-Life Stance Didn’t Cost It White House’

GOP Should ‘Emulate (Reagan’s) Philosophy of Less Government’

‘Republican Party Didn’t Lose[;] Bush and Bushonomics Lost’

Should Anyone Care ‘What’s Next for Republican Party?’

If only the party leadership had listened.

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6 thoughts on “GOP’s Woes Nothing New

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  3. Actually, Doug, it's not that Kool-aid was drunk so much as there was a failure to follow-through.

    Looking back at the contract, there are some very positive things that can still be implemented…and it would be wise for conservatives to rally behind them again.

    My hope is that the GOP is once again led by conservatives, unfortunately, that can become difficult when folks like you turn a blind eye. Those of us who are conservative and faithful to the party can't do it alone – and we must hold our elected officials and candidates accountable.

    Anonymous – the only disgusting person here is you. You are feeble-minded, weak, obnoxious dolt. Your rhetoric is elementary and empty, and clearly demonstrates your abject stupidity.

  4. Leslie, you are so fat, that you make me puke. Why don't you do something about that grossly fat face of yours? Fat people like you disgust me. Stop eating, you nasty porker.

  5. But Leslie,

    The GOP Kool-Aid drinkers think the leadership DID listen after the post-92 autopsy you cite.

    They think the "revolution" of 94 worked and that it can be repeated again in 2010, when in fact the "revolution" was never much of one and had pretty much sold itself out in the first year.

    I have no confidence in the GOP and would not view their return to power as a positive development

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