Sitting Out the RPV Convention

For a few reasons, I’m not a delegate to this year’s Republican Party of Virginia convention. I was a delegate last year, and it was an entirely frustrating experience in opportunity costs. The conservative I supported for Senate lost to a moderate, who later lost the general election to Mark Warner. The conservative I supported for Chairman won, and was later bounced by the State Central Committee. And the convention itself was chaos.

But mostly, I’m not a delegate because I’m no longer a Republican.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the outcome of this convention, as it will affect the Commonwealth of Virginia.

That’s why I’m glad that I fully expect Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to win the nomination to retain his post. He’s been a strong voice of common sense against the liberal administration of Gov. Tim Kaine.

It’s why I hope that Ken Cuccinelli wins the nomination for Attorney General. Sen. Cuccinelli is a real conservative who isn’t afraid to stand up to the liberals in his party, and that’s what Virginia needs.

And it’s why I hope that Bill Stanley, the alternative to SCC’s latest hand-picked choice, wins the race for chairman. When they booted a popularly elected chairman less than a year into his term, SCC’s picked a fight with grassroots conservatives, a fight they shouldn’t be allowed to win.

Since 1989, the Republican Party has oozed more and more elitest contempt for grassroots conservatives with each passing year. In the process, it has aided and abetted the modern liberal quest to crush the market economy and tighten government’s grip on every aspect of American life. And not coincidentally, it has increasingly lost respect and credibility, as well as elections.

There are still many good people, including many of my friends, in the party that I can no longer stomach. I hope they’re able to do some good this weekend.

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1 thought on “Sitting Out the RPV Convention

  1. I was listening to Eric Cantor practice his speech on friday morning. He spoke of the evil practices of the democrats in voting for bailouts, increasing government spending, and bankrupting the nation.

    It was despicable.

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