Outrage! Bush Trashes the Constitution, the Free Market, and the Taxpayers

In what we can only hope is his final assault on the Constitution, President George Bush XLIII announced today that the taxpayers will send emergency loans to the auto companies. The $17.4 Billion will come from the troubled Troubled Asset Relief Fund. It is contingent on the auto companies meeting demands similar to those contained in the Corker compromise.

President Bush’s action is an outrage. The taxpayers have been clear that we don’t want to bail out any more irresponsible companies. Congress got the message, and did not pass the auto bail-out. The President has chosen to disregard not only the will of the taxpayers but also the Constitution, which structured the U.S. government so that no one branch could flout the actions of the others.

Through earlier outrages like the PATRIOT Act, McCain-Feingold, and the bank bail-out, President Bush has made clear his contempt for the limits placed by the Constitution on the federal government. Today he has revealed his contempt for the genius of its very structure.

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3 thoughts on “Outrage! Bush Trashes the Constitution, the Free Market, and the Taxpayers

  1. I will not be shedding any tears to see him gone. My only worry is whether or not we replaced him with something worse.

  2. Leslie,

    I agree with you. I worked on his campaigns and have just given up on him. He’s a passive leader and the sooner he’s out the better.

    This is so hard for me to write but he’s turned out to be as bad as Jimmy Carter but on different levels.

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