WH Should Not Send TARP Funds to Car Companies

Well, the uses of the Troubled Asset Relief Program might be changing again.

Moments after Republicans blocked passage of the auto bail-out, liberal Senators called for the Bush Administration to send some of the financial bail-out money to the car makers. The White House, which previously resisted such calls, has now said that it will “consider” the plan.

Such a move would be another White-House kick in the face of the taxpayers, who have opposed both bail-outs. It would undermine the message of last night’s victory: Middle-class taxpayers should not be saddled with the mistakes of big corporations. And it would reward the United Auto Whiners, whose refusal to accept competitive pay sank the Corker compromise last night.

Big-government Republicanism is gasping for breath as it tries all the wrong ways to mitigate the catastrophes created by its meddling. Snuff it out!

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1 thought on “WH Should Not Send TARP Funds to Car Companies

  1. Another individual who is a expert on the auto companies. You beat on the union but mention nothing about the managment or government who have bled these companies while throwing money at transplants,banks,AIG,and the oil companies. It is easy to pile on people while they are down.CEO and Government pay are way more out of line between American companies and Forieghn interests.Every other nation with an auto industry is pouring money into their companies because they realize the importance of the industry to their economy.So let these companies go down and the middle class to further erode. This should be a great benefit to you and your future generations should you find someone to reproduce with.

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