We Can Stop the Big-3 Bail-Out

Last night, while the House of Representatives was holding procedural votes on the Big-Three bail-out, C-SPAN showed video of the House Financial Services Committee’s hearing earlier in the day on why the financial bail-out has been such a disaster.

But the ironic, expensive cautionary tale was lost on a House enamored of its own power to spend other people’s money and unable to recognize the fatal conceit that deludes its Members into believing that government is the solution. The House passed the latest bail-out by a vote of 237-170.

But in the Senate, a handful of Republicans, led by Richard Shelby of Alabama, are trying to defend the taxpayers. And it looks like they might succeed. “I don’t think the votes are there on our side of the aisle,” said Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio, a RINO who supports bilking the taxpayers to reward the Detroit Three.

We can stop this one. It’s possible that a Senate vote will be held later today, but tomorrow or even the weekend looks more likely.

Please call your U.S. Senators and urge them to vote against the bail-out. If you live in Virginia, your Senators are:

John Warner


Jim Webb

If you do not live in Virginia and do not know how to reach your Senators, please click here.

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