Deal Near on Big 3 Bail-Out

Has anything good ever followed the words “congressional Democrats were near an agreement with the White House“? Yesterday, after the Detroit Three CEOs and the UAW president concluded their latest unimpressive Capitol Hill whine festival, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Chief-of-Staff negotiated a bail-out for the Big Three.

And we were doing so well. With 61 percent of Americans opposed to another bail-out, it didn’t look good for the Three Political Profiteers.

But then Congress and the White House decided, once again, to buck the people’s wishes. What they’re considering now is a temporary bail-out consuming $15-17 Billion of taxpayers’ money, which would come from funds already earmarked to fund the development of “fuel-efficient” cars (which the auto companies should pay for themselves anyway). Supposedly this cash infusion will help the auto companies survive through March, when President Obama and an even more Democrat-dominated Congress can, well, I shudder to think. Nationalize the auto makers? I wouldn’t put it past them.

But there is hope. Congress is likely to consider the back-door bail-out next week. But they’re still smarting from trashing the will of the people by passing Hank Paulson’s $700-Billion exercise in counter-productivity. Please contact your Senators and Representative and tell them that you oppose any bail-out for the Big Three. We can stop this one.

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2 thoughts on “Deal Near on Big 3 Bail-Out

  1. The bailout is a done deal. Just like the first NO vote on the $700 billion provided cover for congress to come back and vote YES the second time, the inquisition given the three CEOs provides cover for congress to come back and vote YES on the automaker’s loan.

    Ironically, since it was CONGRESS that passed the laws the created the wall street collapse, that created the credit crisis that has caused the sales for the automakers to plummet, it should be the American people GRILLING lawmakers about THEIR actions — instead of the other way around.

    The Automakers Bailout Will Take Place

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