United Auto Non-Workers’ Non-Concessions

Ron Gettelfinger, president of the United Auto Workers, has said that his labor union was prepared to offer two concessions in order to boost the Detroit Three’s chances of bilking the taxpayers out of around $34 Billion. Yesterday. After the Detroit Three submitted their written pleas for money other people have earned.

And what are those so-called concessions? First, the UAW would allow the Detroit Three to delay billions of dollars in payments into funds to cover health-care costs for retired employees. Second, the labor union would suspend its “job bank” program, under which laid-off employees continue to reap paychecks.

Are they joking? Temporary reprieves in two programs that provide goodies to people who don’t even work any more? And they expect Americans who do work, who don’t enjoy goodies anywhere near so generous, to pony up Billions?

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2 thoughts on “United Auto Non-Workers’ Non-Concessions

  1. Which organization? the UAW? If I read that right, you want to limit the power that the union which protects the workers has. So the company can benefit from not having to honor their contracts because they are having a financial hardship.
    As for the strength of the UAW, the “liberal illuminati” I doubt has much to do with it. UAW has been around since ’34 and has worked for decades negotiating for better conditions, benefits and pay for the blue collar worker. The last thing that needs to occur in these economic times is for the diminishing of the protections for those of us who are blue collar.

  2. this is really ridiculous. The liberal illuminati is the reason this organization has gotten so overly-powerful. They need to do something to eliminate the power.. those two “consessions” aren’t going to cut it.

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