Chambliss Wins

It looks as though the Republican Party has dodged a bullet. Saxby Chambliss appears to be winning Georgia’s run-off Senate election, meaning that he’ll keep his seat and the Democrats won’t get a filibuster-proof majority of 60 Senators.

Sen. Chambliss was one of the Republicans who most deserved to lose in this year’s thumpin’. He has carried water for President George Bush XLIII’s unConstitutional expansions of federal power, from the PATRIOT Act to the bail-out. He represents what’s gone wrong with the Party of Reagan.

The Republicans can learn one of two lessons from the near miss. They can learn that they got away with selling out conservatism. Or they can learn that betraying conservatism is dangerous.

Personally, I’m not placing any bets.

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1 thought on “Chambliss Wins

  1. It looks like Western Civilization has squeaked by one more time, but as you say, the age of the RINOs is over. Or should be.

    Now we must pray to whatever deities are out there that Republicans currently in the Senate will not be giving the Obamacrats the filibuster-proof majority they had hoped to get by replacing Chambliss, thus furthering their burning desire to bring America to her knees.

    (I would claim that what I just wrote was an ironic joke, were it not so sadly true.)

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