Wal-Mart Employee Killed by Crowd of Shoppers

It was an ugly start to the shopping season this morning when a Wal-Mart employee died after being trampled by an impatient, infantile throng.

At about 5:00, the crowd of self-centered shoppers broke down the doors to the suburban New York store, knocked the unidentified employee down, and stampeded over him, crushing out a human life in their animal zeal for cheap consumer goods. Parents grabbed children out the way of the crowd, and a pregnant woman was injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital.

Police said that the exact cause of the 34-year-old man’s death has not been determined. How about the pervasive depravity of mankind, encouraged by public policies that discourage virtue and reward vice?

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3 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Employee Killed by Crowd of Shoppers

  1. We are a society of junkies. We are addicted to spending, and the funny thing is I used to believe it was the individual’s decision. The truth is, the system is about buying. Now before you go jumping down my throat about individual responsibility, let me say clearly, everyone still has a choice. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and their consequences. Period. When talking about society at the macro level, however, we have conditioned ourselves to believe shopping is a duty, to believe that we actually own our homes (mostly not true, bank does) the we actually own our cars (again, mostly not true). Kids who only see and know that you go to a machine to get money. Some even believe that money is on a plastic card. Sure, it’s all OK until somebody gets hurt. Now people are getting hurt, some are fortunate enough to get access to free money once again in the form of a government bailout. Others are not so lucky. They will pay the price of their ignorance, their mortgage brokers’ greed, and the price of living in the land of plenty.

    I talked to someone who waited overnight in a line at Micro Center in Minnesota for a TV.

    I asked him, how much are you saving by doing this? He couldn’t tell me. This is the kind of blind, obsessive thinking we have in many parts of our society. The fact is capitalism works when people are buying. Capitalism is feeling the strain of productivity gains brought on by technology, a global economy of low labor costs, and a credit system that suddenly can’t sleep at night because of all the credit they once thought would be repaid. Ooopps. We are stuck on the threadmill of credit to buy, to pay off credit, to get credit to buy again. Most of society is living well above their means, this is supported by our low savings rates. So today’s tragedy should come as no surprise. It’s the way junkies behave.

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