How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog, with a Note of Caution

My SamSphere friend Chad Everson has posted a thorough step-by-step guide to using twitter for blog promotion.

Personally, I find twitter fun and useful for many reasons, some of which have nothing to do with blog promotion. It’s a social networking site, which means that its core purpose is connecting people with other people. If all you want is to promote yourself and/or your blog, if you’re not really interested in the other people, they’ll figure that out quickly and ignore you.

But there’s nothing wrong with letting your fellow tweeps know what you’re blogging about, and twitter is a great platform for reaching readers who otherwise might not find you. So read Mr. Everson’s post, and add all or some of his suggestions to your twitter strategy.

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3 thoughts on “How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog, with a Note of Caution

  1. Hey!! You are one of the first tweeps I found and I love your tweets! It’s impossible to avoid the Obamania and your insights keep me sane as I look at all the tweets.

    I found out about you completely from twitter after I got the iPhone. I actually found out about all those other social networking sites through yours also (too many to name and they all sound ridiculous)

    In fact, I don’t read any blogs besides stuff Drudge links to. Yours is among the few I still come to after the first or second time. I probably never would if I didn’t see you on my twitter feed. I’m glad you’re there Leslie, it’s a pleasure to follow you 😀

    Thanks for keeping my perspective fresh!

    -Ed in Atlanta

    p.s. I helped save the country today, I just hope Saxby Chambliss flip-flops and becomes an anti-bailout activist in the Senate.

  2. Good morning Leslie.

    I stopped by to thank you for sharing your info on twitter and give my 2 cents to you but after seeing how darn prolific you are I will keep my mouth shut… except for saying, “People like you and I that are unhappy with the Republican party really do have a choice through promotion and voting for who and what we want. It worked for Obama.

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