Will the Middle Class Shrug?

All across the country, decent Americans work hard at jobs for businesses, big and small, that provide goods and services that customers want.

Unfortunately, the Big Three auto companies are failing to provide products that sufficient numbers of people want, at mutually satisfactory prices. Because of that, they are facing financial trouble.

Whom do the Democrats want to reward? The auto companies who aren’t offering satisfactory products. Whom do they want to pay for this reward? The hard-working tax-payers who actually create value.

There’s really nothing new in this. Since the creation of the welfare state, government has plundered the productive in order to reward the unproductive.

But it’s getting worse. Now instead of just bailing out non-productive individuals, tax-payers are expected to bail out whole companies, even industries. Small business owners, who create most new jobs despite paying back-breaking taxes, are now expected to bail out large corporations, because they are “too big to fail”.

So those despicable persons who assume entitlement to the fruits of others’ labor have a choice of position. They can be too weak to succeed, or they can be too big to fail.

And the middle class is squeezed from both sides, reduced to a bizarre serfdom where they labor for both the rich and the weak.

Eventually, this weird system of welfare will collapse. It has to collapse because it’s unsustainable. The middle class cannot continue indefinitely to support individuals on its left shoulder and industries on its right.

But there is another way. We still live in a republic. We can refuse to keep supporting the welfare state. And there are encouraging signs of resistance. Joe the Plumber became a media star because he personified the growing recognition of the flat-out injustice in U.S. fiscal policy. And the public outcry against Bush XLIII’s bail-out came out of that same recognition.

The serfdom of the middle class will come to an end. Will it end because their backs finally break, or because they shrug the takers off their shoulders?

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3 thoughts on “Will the Middle Class Shrug?

  1. More taxpayer money down the drain. These bailouts are nothing more than socialism for the rich.

    I wonder how long it will America to wake up (it it ever does) and realize that we need someone like Ron Paul in office.

    Without someone like him, nothing will ever change, and this country will inevitably collapse due to mismanagement, wasted funds, bad policies, and the continuing devaluation of our currency.

    Something drastic needs to be done.

  2. Concentrated gain, distributed pain; and by now we’re just numb to the needles that are bleeding us dry.

    I fear there will not be a collective Shrug, but rather a myriad of micro-shrugs, from the defeated public who don’t think they can stop the train.

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