Principles Can Pave GOP’s Road to Victory

Most of the nation’s dwindling number of Republican governors are meeting this week in Miami to “assess the Party’s prospects” in the wake of last week’s well-deserved trouncing at the polls.

Can anything good come of this? Well, maybe.

Many of those gathered see something worthwhile in an examined loss. And in their examination, two recurring strains of thought rear their heads.

First: We have to “broaden the base”. Says Charlie Crist, “You have to be inclusive; you have to work for a big tent.”

Second: We have to return to core principles. “[S]tick to the knitting,” advised Mark Sanford.

I have some good news for you guys: These two strategies are not mutually exclusive. The way to expand the base is to return to core principles.

Economic and political freedom, individual responsibility, and small government are principles that work, principles that foster prosperity. Big governments that plunder productive taxpayers in order to bail out irresponsible free-loaders destroy prosperity.

A party whose policies improve lives is a party that wins, wins new followers and wins elections. The way to victory is clear: follow the light of the core principles that promote human flourishing.

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2 thoughts on “Principles Can Pave GOP’s Road to Victory

  1. Absolutely wrong, Jim…

    What allows us to carry those states (and all others) is the three-legged stool of conservatism:

    Fiscal responsibility and smaller government
    Socially conservative values
    Strong military

    To say we are not progressive enough ignores the first and second of the legs…and a stool without three legs cannot stand.

    We did not have a candidate in McCain who could espouse all three without a major outbreak of laughter…

  2. Actually, the core values of the Republican Party are Progressive, not Conservative, values. After all, Abraham Lincoln was not considered a Conservative in his time…far from it.

    I agree that it’s time to reflect on the true core of the Republican Party. To do that, we need to turn away from the Southern Strategy that began with Nixon in response to White voter discontent over the 1964 Voting Rights Ammendment–what an ignominious beginning for the Party to start winning the White House–and get get back to those principles that allowed us to carry CA, NY, PA, OH, and so many other states in earlier times that we lost this time around.

    But from what I’m hearing from near-lunatics like Limbaugh, Dems have zero to worry about because all our Party will do is warm-up some Reaganisms and start to loosin’.

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