Bush is NOT a “market-oriented guy”

Still trying to pass his morphing bail-out off as the right move, President George Bush XLIII this afternoon told a Manhattan Institute crowd, “I’m a market-oriented guy, but not when I’m facing a global financial meltdown.”

Well, then, Mr. President, you’re not a “market-oriented guy”.

If you believe that government meddling is necessary to correct “market failures”, you are not a “market-oriented guy”.

If you believe that market solutions must be shunned in favor of government expansion, you are not a “market-oriented guy”.

If you believe that the solution to the problems created by government meddling in the market is more government meddling in the market, you are not a “market-oriented guy”.

It’s bad enough when liberals speak nonsense like this. But when a Republican president tries to paint himself as a “market-oriented guy” while denying the market’s superior flexibility, efficiency, corrective ability, and power to create prosperity, the message that emerges from the muck is clear: Government works better than the market.

A lot of people have been hurt by this message, from the Americans who can’t buy homes, to the Canadians who can’t buy quality health care, to the Soviets who couldn’t buy much of anything. It’s time for Republicans to stop sending it.

Mr. President, please get off the stage.

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4 thoughts on “Bush is NOT a “market-oriented guy”

  1. You may or may not like the comparison, but the last sentence sounds rather like Radley Balko on his blog. If you know Radley, tell him an old friend from the Leadership Institute said hello.

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