Too Close to Call

A few months ago, I thought that a McCain victory-by-default was likely. In a year that should be terrible for Republicans, Barack Obama just can’t “close the deal”.

Then the Bush bail-out came, and with it, Sen. McCain’s flake-out, and he started deservedly tanking in the polls.

Then Sen. Obama told Joe the Plundered that he wanted to “spread the wealth around”, called people who object to obscene tax rates selfish, and even said he wanted to “bankrupt” the coal industry (I guess he doesn’t want to carry Virginia after all).

People just don’t feel safe with Sen. Obama, especially people in the most likely voting demographics. That’s especially bad news for Sen. Obama because of the high number of still undecided voters, who I think will break mostly for Sen. McCain; they’ll close the curtain on the voting booth, think about their hard-earned money, think about their children’s security from terrorists, and vote for John McCain.

So while it should be a bad year for Republicans, the Democrats have nominated a candidate who might not be able to take advantage of their well-deserved weakness.

But then again, the Republicans have nominated a guy who’s such a philosophical flake that he can’t stay long enough in one principled position to take full advantage of the Democrat’s obvious flaws. If John McCain had built on his superior national-security credentials with a consistent fiscal conservatism, if he had vocally opposed the Bush bail-out as the wealth transfer it is, instead of trying to exacerbate it with an absurd plan to saddle the taxpayers with other people’s bad mortgages, I think he’d be 5-10 points ahead in the polls.

But both major parties have nominated just about the worst candidates they could have. And so, I think we may be in for a long night tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Too Close to Call

  1. It’s a choice between disaster and catastrophe.

    And, if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    (Likewise if you choose to vote for one of the “other” candidates on the ballot, even though they, on a practical level, can’t do any more than siphon votes away from one of the two “main” candidates…and maybe throw the vote majority to the other guy.)

  2. Not being the most politically savvy individual myself, I’m curious who you would like to see on the Democrat and Republican ends, as opposed to Obama and McCain.

  3. An interesting view. There is no way either candidate could possibly fix the problems we face as a country and a SOCIETY in a single term. In the end, breeders want Mickie C and single, self-made people want Obie. And the two parties are NATURAL ENEMIES. I look at the long-term ramifications of the election. I want America to be SMARTER, more intelligent. I want children to get an EDUCATION more that street knowledge and sexy television shows. Education is the key to everything. Not military might. Look what happened to Germany… they were the greatest military strength in the world and though it took the rest of the world’s forces combined, they fell. Hard. And for good reason. It all depends if you blindly believe that America still exists as a political and economic concept or if you perceive that we are being fed only the information we need to keep us satiated while the aristocracy (i.e. politicians/pharmaceutical companies/oil industry) rape us blind. But if we have enough children and debt we will not rock the boat because we have precious things to lose. People are polarized because of their lifestyle. This is no easy election. And either way it could herald the beginning of the end of our ‘Roman Empire’…

  4. I totally agree! I just still can’t believe that Americans could actually elect Barack Obama. The guy is SO wrong on so many levels…but Americans want “change” so badly that they just don’t seem to care. Very dangerous.

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