Chuck Baldwin for President

Well, I’ve finally decided. I plan to vote for Chuck Baldwin for President tomorrow. Mr. Baldwin is the Constitution Party nominee, although he is on the ballot as the Independent Green Party candidate in my home state of Virginia.

There are six presidential candidates on tomorrow’s ballot in Virginia: Barack Obama (D), John McCain (R), Chuck Baldwin (IG/Constitution), Bob Barr (Libertarian), Cynthia McKinney (Green), and Ralph Nader (Independent).

But only two demonstrate fidelity to the U.S. Constitution: Mssrs. Baldwin and Barr. And after months of soul-searching, I have decided that Mr. Barr’s record of marital infidelity leaves me unable to cast my ballot for him.

Mr. Baldwin has been a consistent opponent of the explosion of federal power-mongering that has taken place under the current Administration; for example, he opposes the PATRIOT Act and the Bush bail-out. He believes in the sanctity of life and the right to bear arms. He opposes the federal income tax. He has been endorsed by Ron Paul, whom I supported in the Republican primary.

The only major point of dispute I have with Mr. Baldwin is that he opposes the war in Iraq and, like Mr. Barr, would withdraw our troops. But winning the war in Iraq means little if we continue to undermine Constitutional government here at home. We cannot establish the light of Constitutional government in the Middle East if we extinguish it in America.

If there were a candidate who supported both the Constitution and victory in Iraq, I’d be supporting him. There isn’t.

Chuck Baldwin for President.

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5 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin for President

  1. Baldwin; good choice!
    As for John’s comment above, I’ll put this to him:

    If you want to see the US move FURTHER towards being a nanny state.
    If you want to see your taxes go up.
    If you want a global carbon tax.
    If you want a North American Union.
    If you want pre-emptive war with Iran.
    If you want further government takeovers of the markets.
    If you want to lose your guns.
    If you want nothing to continue to be done about abortion.

    Vote McCain or Obama; cause it really doesn’t matter.

    John, are you still under the illusion that they are really that different??

  2. As I’ve said, constitutional conservatives have only two choices this election, Barr and Baldwin. I’ll be voting for Baldwin too this year. Lets hope the Republican Party finds a better standard bearer in 2012.

  3. If you want activist judges who see the Constitution as a “living document” on the Supreme Court.
    If you want to see the US move towards being a nanny state.
    If you want to see your taxes go up.

    Then vote for Baldwin or Barr.

  4. Amen. I’ve come to the same conclusion as you. Chuck Baldwin is the only person on the ballot here in Wisconsin I can vote for with a clear conscience.

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