Cornell v. Elena

A Cornell University staffer this morning removed a Cornell Coalition for Life display within one hour of its being set up on the University’s Engineering Quad, according to my SamSphere colleague and Cornell senior Tristen Cramer.

The “Elena Campaign” features a series of pictures showing the biological development of an unborn baby; the pictures are accompanied by text in the voice of the baby.

Ms. Cramer reports that CCFL had gone through the proper administrative avenues to obtain approval for the display, but Dawn Warren, an administrative assistant, removed the signs because she did not personally approve of the content.

“It borders on the absurd that the facilities staff at the College of Engineering finds photos depicting biological fetal development to be controversial or offensive,” Ms. Cramer said. “Furthermore, it speaks volumes that this member of the Cornell staff chose to censor speech she disagreed with rather than facilitating an open discussion about the issue.”

According to Ms. Cramer, Ms. Warren and Cathy Dove, Associate Dean for Administration in the College of Engineering, also attempted to prevent CCFL members from retrieving their signs, returning the students’ property only after police arrived. Ms. Dove then requested that the students not put the signs back up again, citing an “unwritten policy” against “opinionated displays”.

Biology is now a matter of opinion?

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12 thoughts on “Cornell v. Elena

  1. Anon – The Elena Campaign was created by Harvard Right to Life. To reproduce the signs, our club saved the files and had them printed on weather-proof signs at a FedEx Kinkos. Hope that helps!

  2. Leslie!

    These posters are adorable! I totally can hear my 5-year-old niece vocalizing the content. The whole article is neat too. I like the variety in your blog.

  3. “Unwritten policy” against opinionated displays??!! Too bad! They are photos. If Ms. Cramer doesn’t like them-don’t look at them. Liberals exhibit tolerance only for like-minded views. Conservatives are very good at tolerance-maybe too good. We need to become more vocal.

  4. Something similar happened to me in college. Our pro-life club had to share a cubicle with another student group and we had put up a poster of a baby in the womb. Someone in the other group kept taking it down because he found it “offensive.” Apparently medical pictures of the baby in utero is too much for liberals to take!

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