McCain Tosses Conservatives Few Scraps

If you think that the era of big government is over, please (re)watch last night’s presidential debate.

The stereophonic ode to socialism featured defense of the Bush bail-out; calls for nationalizing mortgages, health-care welfare, and federal funding for stem-cell research; the rejection of any so-called “litmus test” for judges; self-congratulations for voting to confirm liberal Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg; the declaration that education policy is a “civil rights” issue, and lavish praise for campaign finance “reform” that eviscerates the First Amendment.

And that was just from the Republican candidate.

John McCain has been deservedly tanking in the polls since his bail-out flake-out. The debate was his best chance to redeem himself. He could have tried to give conservatives reasons to support and work hard for him; he didn’t.

Sen. McCain was at his best when talking about how Barack Obama’s tax plan would hurt the now ubiquitous Joe the Plumber. But against the backdrop of his history of supporting similar wealth-redistribution schemes, his concern for his “friend Joe” rang hollow.

Sen. McCain also blasted Sen. Obama for lying about public campaign funding and for his connections with ACORN and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. But he didn’t go after Sen. Obama’s other embarrassing associates, including Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Jim Johnson, and Michelle Robinson Obama.

In sum, Sen. McCain tossed conservatives a couple of table scraps while promising to keep feeding Leviathan’s insatiable appetite.

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3 thoughts on “McCain Tosses Conservatives Few Scraps

  1. Hi Leslie

    Reasonable adults can disagree, (I’m not a Republican), however, Senator McCain has failed to convince me how his potential Presidency will add to the security of my Family…..looks like President Obama will be a reality…..Choosing Gov. Palin didn’t help!

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