Joe the Plumber on Barack Obama’s Socialist Tax Plan

Barack Obama’s “answer … scared me … . He said he wants to distribute wealth. … [T]hat’s kind of a socialist … viewpoint. … I worked for that. It’s [at] my discretion to decide who I want to give my money to; it’s not the government’s to decide that I make a little too much and so I need to share it with other people. … That’s not the American Dream. … I went from paycheck-to-paycheck … living to … finally being able to save some money. … I just resent the government or Barack Obama’s plan to … take more away from me.”

— Joe Wurzelbacher

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7 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber on Barack Obama’s Socialist Tax Plan

    A far left Media …
    A far left President …
    A far left Congress …
    A far left Senate …
    A far left Supreme Court …
    This would eliminate all the checks and
    balances that our democracy is based upon.
    Barack Obama formed his political and economic
    ideology, and his radical associations, during the
    TWENTY YEARS … yes, that’s TWENTY YEARS … when
    he followed Marxist Black Liberation Theology, in
    Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American, racist church.
    And, now, with our country on the brink of depression,
    Obama wants to impose new laws which would change
    America into a third world country.
    You may be upset with George Bush, but in spite
    of Obama’s slogans, John McCain is NOT George Bush …
    so don’t over react to Obama’s 600 million dollar
    Propaganda campaign designed to highjack America !!!
    A vote for Obama is a vote for changing America beyond
    recognition … and, it would be a vote for voter fraud,
    a corrupt media, socialism, and the end to America as we know it.
    Keep America free, strong, safe, and American …
    Elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

  2. It’s funny that Joe the Plumber would actually be helped by Obamas tax plan and pay less taxes. Doesnt really matter to him though since he doesn’t even pay the taxes he already owes.

  3. I agree, his response scared me, too. I’m at the lower rung of the economic scale – someone who would probably get assisted by this redistribution.. HOWEVER, I’m against it on principle. This is un-American and not a system I personally would desire to live under.

    Unfortunately, it looks like that is the direction we are headed. /sigh

  4. N: “Fairly assessing for what they receive from government.” Taxes don’t come from the government. They come from the individual people. And not corporations – every penny is paid by the consumers – individuals.

    It isn’t the government’s money. It belongs to individuals. The government takes the money in taxes.

    People who make over $250k hire people – give them jobs. People who make $50 don’t hire full time employees – who then pay taxes.

    Government takes too much money in taxes. That reduction in capital kills jobs.

    Mike: I wish you had been in my American Government class. You would have learned the difference between socialism and capitalism as the economic systems – and the difference between socialism vs freedom and opportunity in government laws and policies.

    Words have meaning.

    The public sector isn’t socialism, although excessive government growth is an object of socialism. The public sector provides ‘public goods’. Under our Constituion those are severely limited at the federal level. States and localities are guided by their constitutions and charters. I taught Public Adminstration too – sorry you missed it.

    Socialism is a dirty word – because Socialist human secularism, like its cousins Communist human secularism and NAZI human secularism had terrible consequences for humanity. Tragic results from that dirty word when it is put into action.

  5. Why is socialism such a dirty word. It’s “We the people…” right. Fire Departments, Police Departments, Libraries, and all sorts of other institutions are just fine with the American people. It’s went republicans start using the word with a sneer on their face and people go running away like their hair’s on fire. It’s a shame that “buzz” words stall conversations.

  6. people who make in excess of a quarter of a million a year have more at stake than people who make 50,000

    it’s not a matter of redistributing their wealth – it’s a matter of fairly assessing them for what they receive from government – in the same way that a mansion is assessed more than a hovel in real estate taxes

    5 will get you 10 that joe the plumber was for the war in iraq, which is the government’s major money pit at this point

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