Court Rules Ohio Must Verify Voters

It just got a little harder to commit voter fraud in Ohio.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to establish a system to verify hundreds of thousands of recently registered voters by Friday, to make voter eligibility information available to all 88 county election boards, and to use government records to investigate potential voter registration fraud.

With the rush of fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN, Ms. Brunner, a Democrat, had previously tried the Mickey-Mouse excuse that verifying the eligibility of registered voters would be too difficult.

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2 thoughts on “Court Rules Ohio Must Verify Voters

  1. Amazing! The fact that we would even consider allowing people to vote without a proper photo ID is nuts.

    We already have the technology to easily and accurately identify people. We sell it to OTHER countries. Yet Democrats must be allowed to “win” elections. So just so Democrats can “win” elections and illegal immigrants can get jobs, we let identity thieves operate freely. That is the insanity this country has come to.

  2. This is like a “no duh” ruling. Isn’t it a “right” for US citizens to vote? At least the court got it right for a change.

    We have to show ID to fly, why in the world would picture ID not be required to vote? Unless, of course, you wanted to defraud the system!

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