A Time to Hope

The bail-out has passed Congress, and King George XLIII is almost certainly going to sign it, yet I feel hopeful about the future of our republic.

For four days, we held Leviathan off. Against an Administration that prizes cronyism over competency and stampedes over dissenters, against the inclination of politicians to slurp up power like chocolate milkshakes, against a Wall-Street lobby that has tons of money to buy pols and ads to proclaim its dire financial straits, we held Leviathan off. Against all the doomsday talk, the cynical appeals to the greed, laziness, and irresponsibility that beset human nature, and the knee-jerk reflex to do something, anything, no matter how bad, we held Leviathan off.

We flooded Congress with calls and emails. We raised free-market objections and alternatives. We called for government to uphold the natural justice that rewards virtue and punishes vice.

If you voiced your opposition to this bail-out to your Senators and Representative, in a blog post or a letter to the editor or a call to a talk-radio show, or in a conversation with a friend or family member, you are part of a historic effort, an effort to throw off the soft tyranny of federal molly-coddling.

Every movement to cast off the yoke of tyranny has started with a small group of dedicated believers who fought their way through tremendous early discouragements.

Welcome to the right side of history.

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5 thoughts on “A Time to Hope

  1. Leslie,

    I love Bush, literally and figuratively, but anyways, that is beside the point!

    George W. Bush and this Republican Party as been overtaken by Socialists OFFICIALLY!

    That is Right the NONPARTISAN LEAGUE is BACK!

    Although, E. W. Everson’s strategy is already taking shape and gaining steam! The IVA defeated these idiots before and uncovered the TYRANNY and CORRUPTION that ALWAYS “WALKS HAND IN HAND WITH SOCIALISM!”

    Leslie, can you crosspost this great post over at the We need your voice in the Grizzly Groundswell!


    ~Chad T. Everson great grandson of E. W. Everson who’s IVA brought SOCIALISM to it’ KNEES in 1921.


  2. An original limerick for the occasion:

    There once was a federal bailout
    Of bankers too dumb to doubt
    The loans that they made
    Would ever be repaid;
    Taxpayers have just been sold out.

  3. I wish to God I shared your optimism, Leslie. I fear that Marx and Engels are gut-laughing in Hades right now, and will continue for years. The Trojan horse is in the courtyard even now, and when we hit the snooze button (and our short-attention-span society WILL go back to sleep) the armband-wearing brownshirts will emerge from its belly.
    Vote Libertarian. Our message has not gotten through yet.

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