Booted from White House Conference Call

Was the White House miffed by my post last week about the conference call with Ed Gillespie? Well, it looks that way. I was just kicked off today’s call, to which I had received an invitation via email this morning:



The Office of Public Liaison invites you to join

Barry Jackson
Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs

for a Conference Call to discuss

The Economic Rescue Plan

The call will be held on

Tuesday, September 30th[,] at 11:00 A.M. EDT

(“Rescue Plan” is WH-ese for Bail-Out.)

I dialed in a little before 11:00, got the please-wait message, and listened to the butchered music. An operator came on and asked me for my identity, which I provided, and then subjected me to a few more minutes of music. Then I heard a voice saying something unintelligible, and the line was cut off. I dialed back in, explained to the operator that I’d been cut off, gave my information again, and was connected to the conference call, which was already in progress.

I listened for around 10 minutes to the doomsday talk and pleas to “work” the Republicans who voted with the Constitution yesterday.

Suddenly, the line went briefly silent, and then a voice said, as nearly as I can reconstruct it:

“We have been advised by the host that you are not allowed on this call, so I’m going to hang up your line; please do not dial in again.”

Now, if the White House doesn’t want me on its calls, that’s its prerogative. But kicking me off after I’ve been invited is a lousy way to win my support, makes them look like they don’t know what they’re doing, and is just plain tacky.

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5 thoughts on “Booted from White House Conference Call

  1. Even Republican blogs are following suit and banning comments that criticize the corrupt practices of Sarah Palin, or question McCain’s judgment for selecting the trophy VP in the first place.

    The White House is setting the new tone for the Republican side. You are either with Bush or you are with the terrorists, so be prepared to be banned.

    The most foul development of late is the way Republican blogs are following the White House’s example by banning any dissenting comments.

    Who would have thought that some bloggers on the Republican side would go Facist and begin censoring all opposing views, just like the Leftists in the main steam media.

    As for Palin, the People are beginning to see that she was a lousy choice and has a terrible record of abuse of State power while in office.

    What will McCain do when Palin is indicted in Alaska? Will he try to silence the People like the White House has tried to silence Leslie?

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