No Bail-Out Deal Tonight!

Twenty-five hours after President George W. Bush’s doomsday address, House Republicans continue to rebel against his Administration’s $700-Billion bail-out for irresponsible banks and borrowers. Bail-out deal talks tonight have ended with no agreement. Unfortunately, they are scheduled to resume tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “No Bail-Out Deal Tonight!

  1. Ok let start with a few points:

    1. e wall No! House Republicans don’t hate the bailout idea, they favor a bailout but not one that requires accountability. News Flash pal the Republicans are the ones that pushed to deregulate the markets.

    2. Patrick, we tried that already. For six years the Republican’s controlled Congress. Did no oversight, gave Bush whatever he wanted, allowed lobbyist from big pharma to Wall Street write the laws that created this mess.

    When it comes to financial insight I much prefer the musings of Warren Buffet to any Republican member of House, the American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institute, The Weekly Standard. Bottom line without a bailout Buffet would be looking to sell! As a member of the Reality Based Community I am here to tell you there is no easy solution to this problem and whatever Congress does isn’t going to pleasant for anyone. Based upon what I could see you are cutting off your noses to spite your faces. If thats the case you’ll get no sympathy from me when the shit hits the fan as a result.

  2. House Republicans hate this thing just like I do.I’d love to ask Paulson,”What do you mean, you want these dictatorial powers and you want us to pay you because ‘Wall Street got drunk?”

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