Biden: Obama Ad Mocking McCain's Handicap "was Terrible"

A recent Obama-Biden ad mocks John McCain’s inability to use a computer. It’s been widely reported that Sen. McCain can’t type on a keyboard because of the injuries he sustained from torture as a POW. A young Obama spokesman appearing on FOX News a few days ago refused to acknowledge that Sen. McCain’s handicap mitigated the tenuous point that he’s “out of touch” or that mocking him for it was inappropriate.

But Sen. Joe Biden disagrees with his campaign’s decision to make fun of Sen. McCain’s handicap. “I thought that was terrible,” he told CBS’s Katie Couric. I didn’t know we did it.”

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13 thoughts on “Biden: Obama Ad Mocking McCain's Handicap "was Terrible"

  1. People who cannot move any limbs and can do nothing but blow into a straw use computers. So, stop with the crap about McCain not being able to use the computer because of war wounds. He isn’t using the computer because he is from a bygone era when it was not necessary. Is that who we want to lead us in the information age?

  2. Look. They were trying to say he is not computer savvy, not make fun of his disability. To suggest anything else is just ludicrous. People are always twisting things. I will be glad when the election is over and people can stop pretending they do not understand what is clearly being said. Neither candidate is a choir boy, but really the foolish manipulation of every word uttered just needs to stop.

  3. Sigh, actually I did. You are clearly too wedded to your Olbermann issued talking points to see the facts of the issue.

    The McCain doesn’t use a computer argument is is non-starter for multiple reasons, including the ones I already mentioned. The ability to code PHP isn’t a requirement for the Presidency. The day to day use of computers is not required to understand technology, and Senator McCain’s war wounds restrict him from using a keyboard, which cuts out most computer usage. Your argument is on line with asking someone tone deaf why they haven’t learned to play the piano and guitar.

    It was also a poorly planned and executed ad, which Senator Biden was smart enough to spot and distance himself from. If he had saw it, he probably would have tried to have it killed. Barak Obama wouldn’t. He isn’t experienced enough and obviously the members of his campaign team aren’t either. The spot isn’t going to bring new voters to Barak Obama, and will probably cost him voters in demographic groups he need to attract voters from.

  4. Sigh, you really need to stop getting all your talking points from the Daily Kos. I don’t listen to Rush. I did used to listen to Air American for entertainment value until it went off the air in this very blue state for lack of revenue.

    It was a bad ad for all the reasons I stated, and it is telling that Biden is trying to distance himself from it. McCain’s war wounds, that keep him from typing, were well document in such mouthpieces of the VRWC as the Boston Globe.

    Obama needs to back away from that ad publicly as well. It won’t hurt him in his base. He could kick puppies on prime time TV and not loose the DU vote. It does hurt him with centrist voters which he needs. Back off the Kool-Aid ™ a bit and you might see these basic issues that Senator Biden was smart enough to see, even if his American history is a bit lame.

  5. Mark,

    I noticed that you failed to disavow Rush Limbaugh. Ok… that explains it.

    I agree that the ad wasn’t effective, but the attempts to suggest that the Obama campaign wasn’t sensitive to his “war wounds” are ridiculous. Obama claimed that McCain admitted he didn’t know how to use a computer and that he “can’t send an e-mail”. The Right tried to spin that into Obama “making fun of John McCain’s torture”. McCain’s use or non-use of computers and e-mail has NOTHING to do with his war wounds.

    But why did Obama make such a claim in his ad? Let’s here it from John McCain himself.

    Upon being asked whether he preferred MAC or PC, John McCain responded:

    “Neither. I am a illiterate that has to rely on my wife for all the assistance I can get”


    If you think about it, The Obama campaign was actually quite charitable in their ad. They could have just called him “illiterate”.

  6. Excellent smear there while dodging the point. I don't watch H&C and am more a CNN watcher. You need to expand your horizons a bit and not smear with such a broad brush.

    The fact is that Senator McCain's war wounds, keep him typing. Other people hand email and what not for him. I've known multiple corporate executives who didn't use computers personally either, and not because of a physically handicap. That didn't keep them from understanding technology or even running sections of high tech companies.

    The original ad was a smear and not that good an ad anyway. It spoke to a young, tech savvy demographic that he is already polling well in.

    It probably cost him more votes among those in the center with family members who have been or are in the military.

    I'll also predict that Senator McCain could correctly identify who was the President of the United States in 1929.

    Kudos to Senator Biden for speaking out against the Obama ad, but America deserves for Barak Obama to publicly retract that ad as well.

  7. See… the thing is, Mark, that if you ever watched anything besides FOX News, or listened to anything other than Limbaugh/Hannity, etc… then you’d know that this is just more calculated deception to remind people that McCain was a POW. Here’s what you’ve missed because of your myopia:

    “Since the release of an Obama campaign ad asserting that Sen. John McCain “admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t send an email,” several Fox News figures and talk-radio hosts have claimed that McCain doesn’t use a computer or email because of injuries he sustained during his service in the Vietnam War. But the McCain campaign itself did not make this claim in response to the ad, reportedly responding that “John McCain travels with a laptop.”


    Stop acting like a sheep and expand your horizons. You never know what lies you might discover.

  8. The point is that the Obama campaign put out the ad. Biden can spin all he wants, but it has Obama’s name on and his voice saying he approves it.

    Trying to deny that the Obama campaign willfully, or in ignorance, is mocking Senator McCain because of his wounds received from the Communists as a POW is as shameful as the original ad.

  9. The ironic thing is that Biden admits that he never even saw the ad, so he doesn’t even know what he would be apologizing for. This whole conservative “outrage” is a crock. It’s another talking point to drum home the “war hero” narrative. It’s getting boring.

    Here’s another one from a different conservative blog:

    “McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.”

    That’s interesting. So McCain has very little use of his hands? I noticed he was having no problem at all using a pen to furiously jot down notes at the debate.

    Expose the lies:


  10. Actually, the best part of this interview is listening the Biden state how FDR got on television to explain to the American people what was going on after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Even better was watching Couric just nod in agreement.

    American History is obviously not the strong point of either of them.

    Hey Joe, just how many Broadcast TV stations were there in January 1933?

  11. Years ago, when Dole was running for office I heard the comment that since the advent of television the US has never elected a handicap President. I agree the comment about McCain was a low blow, but up until then, I knew nothing about his disabilities, and I doubt too many Americans did either. Low blow or not, that bit of reality may very well help Obama win the election.

  12. Did you his reaction? He almost admitted Obama didn’t know they did it. When Katie followed up with a good question (for a change) about, wait, did Obama approve that message? Did he know? Biden stumbled around and all but admitted that BHO did not know what his name had been put to! Awesome.

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