By the Time I Get to Phoenix …

… I’d better have submitted Slaying Leviathan to my publisher. My book is due on Monday, and that fact, combined with the demands of client work, hasn’t left much time for blogging lately. On Tuesday, I’m planning to risk naked X-rays and random gropings to head out to sunny Scottsdale for the State Policy Network and SamSphere meetings. I hope to find time for a few light posts and pictures while I’m out there and then to return to regular blogging, including the Colonial Williamsburg and Writing Well series, the following week. Thanks for your patience!

4 thoughts on “By the Time I Get to Phoenix …

  1. For the light bulb…

    Cut an uncooked potato(e) wink..

    cut about 1/5th of it off, turn switch off… push lightly into socket the potato will go into the metal base and turn counter clockwise..

    then lightly butter and add a touch of Mrs’s Dash

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