Teen-aged Twerp Launches Air Pillow Assault against Baby

Another teen-ager has absorbed the modern liberal zeitgeist‘s message that children exist for others’ enjoyment.

A YouTube video shows an eight-month-old baby on an air pillow. An unnamed 16-year-old, inches of underwear showing above the waistband of his shorts, jumps and lands on his knees on the pillow, launching the baby several feet across the room. The teen-aged twerp then repeats this air pillow assault. He places the crying, squirming baby back on the pillow and holds the baby down with one hand as he repeats the jump, sending the baby flying once again. YouTube has removed the video.

The Georgia teen-ager was arrested after a Good Samaritan saw the video and called the Sheriff’s Office. He has been charged with both felony and misdemeanor cruelty to children.

“He really had no explanation — just thought it would be funny to put it on YouTube,” Col. Duane Sepp of the Lee County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office told FOX News.

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