Obama National Security Aide Calls Winnie the Pooh “a fundamental text on national security”

No, this isn’t satire.

According to the London Telegraph, Richard Danzig, who served as Secretary of the Navy under President Bill Clinton and is likely to become National Security Adviser in Playland, oops, sorry, an Obama Administration, told a Washington foreign policy conference that U.S. anti-terrorism strategy should follow a lesson from Winnie the Pooh, which boils down to the corollary of a 1960s mantra: If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundamental text on national security,” Mr. Danzig told a meeting of the Center for New American Security.

He read the audience a paragraph from the children’s classic:

Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump on the back of his head behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming down stairs. But sometimes he thinks there really is another way if only he could stop bumping a minute and think about it.

It is truly disheartening that the level of 21st-century policy discourse has plunged to the point where I’m about to take issue with the premise that Winnie the Pooh is a solid primer on national security, but here goes, and I’ll try to keep the diction simplistic enough for the Obamaniacs to grasp:

Grow up. Life hurts. Pain is not a reliable indicator of errancy. Oops, sorry, there I go with the SAT words.

Let me try again: Just because something makes you feel like you have a big scary boo-boo doesn’t mean that it isn’t good for you. It hurts when you get a vaccine, but it actually keeps you from catching a disease that would hurt a lot worse. Spinach tastes yucky, but it helps keep you healthy. Doing your homework can be frustrating, but it helps you know things, like how many states there are.

It’s the same way with public policy. Just as mommy and daddy can’t stop life from hurting, neither can the country. And just as mommy and daddy sometimes have to make decisions that you don’t like, because they’re best for you in the long run, so does the country.

Fighting terrorists hurts. Doing the right thing often does. And America needs a President who understands that.

h/t Right-Wing Liberal

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3 thoughts on “Obama National Security Aide Calls Winnie the Pooh “a fundamental text on national security”

  1. It’s sad how far we’ve fallen from the days of tenacious leaders of principle like Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill (admittedly not an American but you know what I mean).

  2. And we (or a lot of Americans, anyway) want to put these fools anywhere near the levers of power…why, exactly?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot: “HOPE!!! CHANGE!!!”


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